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When it comes to enjoying juicy and succulent bites, there is only one method that makes ready-to-cook dishes burst with flavor. And that is, the process of margination. The purpose of marinating is not only to give flavor, but to also tenderize the dish, which reduces cooking time in the final leg of preparation and helps you make a quick dish.

We believe that an ideal marinade has three main components: aromatics/spices, oils and acids. The aromatics or spices uplift the flavor and can range from garlic and ginger, to onion, herbs and more. The oil in the marinade helps keep the meat from drying out. Acids such as lemon, vinegar or yoghurt which are commonly used in marinades, sharpen the flavor profiles of a dish.

There are several occasions where you want a quick meal without much effort. Be it a time-pressed brunch or an easy dinner after a long day of work; ready-to-cook meats that are marinated or pre-cooked are your perfect option. We offer several types of pre-marinated dishes that prepared using all-natural ingredients, and are free of artificial flavor’s, coloring or preservatives. We believe in delivering you the freshest and hence our ready-to-cook meats are prepared from the day’s freshest cuts or catch.

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