The Telangana Fishermen Cooperative Societies Federation (TGFCOF) is an undertaking of the State Government established in 2015. The main objective is to facilitate marketing of fish produced by the member cooperative societies and promote consumption.

It is running fish stalls, fish canteen and mobile units in Hyderabad to deliver the best quality fish, prawn and crabs (sea food) at reasonable rates. The fresh water fish and prawn are procured locally from the reservoirs and tanks, prawn from the brackish water farms and sea fish from the fishing harbours of neighboring states. Recently we have started selling of ready-to-cook items (frozen) got from certified firms.

The fish and prawn sold in our outlets is fresh, handled and maintained under hygienic conditions, free from formalin and sodium benzoate which are applied on the surface to increase shelf life, injuries and diseases. All stalls use digital weighing machines. The cutting is done by highly skilled persons.

It is a non-profit oriented organization. We pay the best price to the fishers. Most of the freshwater fish sold in the outlets is grown on natural feed and hence taste wise nutrient wise and flavor wise is the best. We are committed to maintenance of consistence quality, price and weighment.